A day at the beach

Jetty and I snuck over to the beach for a picnic brunch. Here's a day in the life with Jetty at the beach. I told him we'd eat in the pavilion, but we wouldn't be getting sandy or wet. Yeah, right...

Taking a break between bites and checking out the action near the water...

Running up the ramp

And running down the ramp

Taking a breather...

Heading for the water
My little beach bum

A pretty shell for Momma

Blue sky and a smile

Jetty, I said we weren't going to get sandy today.

This time I thought you said, DO get sandy...

My bad!

Hey, remember, don't get wet!

Heading for the water.

I'll just get my feet wet.

Uh, oh. There go the shorts.

Only the hem got wet.

I'll be more careful this time...

Oops, it caught me off guard, Mommy! Really.

Drats, I tried to stay dry!

Ack, it's a big one!

The wave is chasing me!

You don't SEE my wet shirt, do you?

If I don't make eye contact, maybe Mom won't notice...

Jetty and his shadow

Throwing sand

Whoa! That one got me to the waist!

Dratted wave got salt water in my eye.

Tidal wave! Run for your life!

I think I'll play it safe and draw in the sand...

Playing after dinner


Raul having fun

Raul -- look at those eyelashes!

Dinner out with friends

Waiting out front for a table

Jett and Raul after dinner said DON'T get sandy?

Dad and Jetty hamming it up

Tessa self-portrait, playing with color

A stormy day


Hotter than hot

We really did have to drag Jetty out of bed. He was up until midnight with all the pre-camp excitement. By the time we left, he didn't care anymore that all the older kids were leaving, he only said that he wanted to go back home because he was hotter than hot.

Not quite awake yet...

Cassidy, Dalton, Tessa, and Jetty in front

And they're off!

Tessa and Cassidy

Starting to wake up...


Barely awake

Cassidy, Dalton, and Tess, getting ready to go at the wee hours of 9:30 am.

Youth Camp 2007

Here are the girls on their first day of camp. Hunter, the first person interviewed, is Dalton's cabin leader. He's obviously lost all control of his group! LOL. Probably on purpose. Freedom! As you can see, Dalton is nowhere to be found.

Next segment, Tessa is in the green T-shirt, and Cassidy is in the bright blue. If you look closely, they're the ones getting blobbed, too.