Love Finds You in Snowball, Arkansas

I LOVED this book by Sandra D. Brickner. The humor made me laugh-out-loud, while the depth of Lucy’s spiritual journey made me analyze being true to God’s plan for my life. Sandie has a real gift for weaving humor with spiritual growth, and writes a very strong story. Anyone questioning God’s purpose in their life, and wondering if they might try to “help” Him with His job will benefit from reading it. I was reading late at night and laughing about certain scenes until my daughter asked what was so funny. I read a few scenes to her and had her laughing, too. I’m surprised we didn’t wake up the whole house. It was a great moment. We really laughed over the horse scene. You just have to read it. I loved the recipes included in the book, could visualize being in the story with the characters, and, because I’m originally from that area, I LOVED the descriptions and setting. I miss the Ozarks so much! Thanks, Sandie, for a fantastic, fun read.


Smiling (and teething) and swimming through the storm

Apparently, running up and down the boardwalk at the beach wasn't enough to quell Jetty's energy, so between squalls, he went out to swim.

Hurricane Jetty leaves a swath of destruction in the pool.

During Hurricane Gustav

We only had Tropical Storm conditions, but the outer bands are still awesome to see. We've had almost continuous tornado warnings, but we ran over to the beach earlier this morning to take some pictures. The waves were pretty big, though you can't really tell from the photos. "Good" surfing waves around here are usually around 4-6 feet...but today they were at least 12 feet or more.

Before Hurricane Gustav...August 31, 2008

Lena Ella...L.E....Ellie

Baby foot.

You took a picture of my foot? While I was sleeping?

I'm not sure I approve.

Lovin' her new blanket.

Between storms...

We headed out for breakfast on the harbor.

Pretty view.

This seagull decided to join us. I finally threw him part of a biscuit and he was a happy camper. Of course about twenty other seagulls then vied for a spot near us.


Or piranas? Our waitress gave Troy a couple biscuits off someone else's plate to toss into the water.

After Fay...

Nope...not much change! We did get outer bands two days later...AFTER we thought it was past us.