Life with Kiki

Kiki, our new puppy baby of about a month, is acting out a bit with the newer baby, Lena, now one week old.

Did it snow overnight? In FLORIDA???

Nope, that's just the stuffing from a baby mattress that had been stored, supposedly out of Kiki's reach.

This used to be our backwash hose for the pool. Kiki loved playing in the water that came out the end. Unfortunately, when she went back for more, she couldn't find the water, and tore the hose off, and dragged it all over.

Beach ball remnants.

If you enlarge the picture, you can see the confetti color remnants of two swim noodles from the pool, along with a shoe, another beach ball, and some clothing items.

And here -- I think -- she's laughing at me.

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