Love Finds You in Snowball, Arkansas

I LOVED this book by Sandra D. Brickner. The humor made me laugh-out-loud, while the depth of Lucy’s spiritual journey made me analyze being true to God’s plan for my life. Sandie has a real gift for weaving humor with spiritual growth, and writes a very strong story. Anyone questioning God’s purpose in their life, and wondering if they might try to “help” Him with His job will benefit from reading it. I was reading late at night and laughing about certain scenes until my daughter asked what was so funny. I read a few scenes to her and had her laughing, too. I’m surprised we didn’t wake up the whole house. It was a great moment. We really laughed over the horse scene. You just have to read it. I loved the recipes included in the book, could visualize being in the story with the characters, and, because I’m originally from that area, I LOVED the descriptions and setting. I miss the Ozarks so much! Thanks, Sandie, for a fantastic, fun read.


Rhonda said...

Thanks Paige! I'm going to run right out and see if I can find this book.

Debby Mayne said...

I agree, Paige! This is a wonderful book!

And yes, Rhonda, you need to run right out and find this book! It's a real treat!

Edna said...

I looked at your site and really liked it, and even though I have not read any of your books as yet they really look interesting. If you are having a contest into which I might win a book, please enter me into it.

Thanks and may God bless