Heat and hearing voices

I've realized I have to jot something down today or that creature that greets me each time I sign on is going to drive me nuts!

We just got back from a drive, and I'm melting. It's occurred to me that though we have air-conditioning in the truck and van, we rarely use it. WHY? I have no clue. Possibly because by the time the air kicks in, we're so drenched with sweat that we have the potential to catch pneumonia when the vehicles do cool down. But they never cool down because our town is only a few miles long so by the time we reach our destination, we're still sweltering. At least with the windows down we have a breeze.

I'm off to do my chapter for the day. I've neglected it for a good week again, and need to get it finished. My goal was to have it done by the end of July, so I have to get cracking. The actual deadline is December 1, but it's hurricane season and you never know what's lurking around the corner. I'd rather have it out of the way.

Troy was laughing at me yesterday because I'd complained that I have this nice outline for my story, but the characters keep wanting to take it different directions and they refuse to cooperate with where I'm trying to take them. So I'm balking at working with them lately. With this publishing house, I have to stay on track with my detailed outline they request up front in the proposal. It's draining. Sort of like constantly battling wills with your children. Troy sees it more like something schizophrenic. Very funny. He just doesn't understand. Actually he does...he said he's glad it's called being an author now when it used to be called mental illness. Again, very funny.

Well, I'm off to whip the characters in line. Maybe. If they'll cooperate today.

Stay cool!

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