I know, TWO posts in one day! I think I'm getting the hang of this blogging thing, and will post more regularly. Yeah, I know, I said that last time, but I really mean it this time.

I added a page about my books on the sidebar. I'll add an "about me" page, too, as soon as I figure out what to write. I hate bios and that type of thing.

We usually go to the beach on Friday mornings, but got out of the habit after all the hurricanes last year. Mainly because most of our beaches were washed away or closed. Anyway, the girls asked to go again today, so we did! It seems each time we've walked over to the beach or met our Fun in the Son playgroup, the waves have been huge. Seaweed has also been bad the past month or so.

But today was awesome! The water was clear and minty green. It was calm, so Jetty could walk out without being bowled over. There were schools of minnows everywhere! And little fish about 5 inches long that nibbled on our toes. Jett wasn't too sure he liked that. But we swam and played and had a great time.

Jetty has learned to swim lately, and at three can now swim underwater, dog paddle and float on his back. He learned today that salt water wasn't quite the same as swimming in our pool. He preferred to stay up in our arms as the waves built and battered him around, but he enjoyed them, too.

We came home and jumped in the pool. Ahhh. I love my beach, but it's nice to have the crystal clear, smooth water of a pool after the salt and sea.

Troy's glowing like a lobster, but the rest of us used sunscreen and feel fine.


Mirtika said...

The time will come when you cna't wait to post, and may post 3 times a day on good days.

Or maybe that's just me. :)

Happy regular blogging.


The Write Life said...

Thanks for your posts, Mir! I have to figure out that part, too, the comments.


bestusedcarrs said...

Your site is on top of my favourites - Great work I like it.